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Why Choose Greenbridge?

Troy Dayton — CEO of The ArcView Group; founding board member of the National Cannabis Industry Association, and Co-Founder of Students for Sensible Drug Policy:

"Khurshid is a rare breed of attorney. His legal prowess and top-notch professionalism are matched by his passion for the cause and his good-heartedness. He is remarkably thorough, precise, creative, and timely. He is also excellent at setting and meeting expectations. Khurshid is in this for the long-haul and he treats people accordingly. I highly recommend having him in your corner for corporate legal matters." 

Steve DeAngelo — Executive Director, Harborside Health Center:  

“Khurshid has repeatedly demonstrated the personal characteristics I look for in professional representation. Chief among those is a solid ethical grounding, and a strong commitment to personal integrity. Close behind are a diligent work style, and responsiveness to my concerns—which Khurshid has consistently evidenced in all of my interactions with him. Khurshid is also noteworthy for his ability to work smoothly and effectively in a collaborative environment, always communicating with tact and sensitivity. Taken as a whole, Khurshid's personal characteristics make it a true pleasure to work with him.” 

Debby Goldsberry — Co-Founder, Berkeley Patients Group; Freedom Fighter of the Year, High Times magazine, 2011-2012:

“It’s been a real pleasure working with Ellen and Khurshid to revive my corporation. Ellen's communication skills are first-rate—she helped me to better understand the process every step of the way and advised on decisions that would position the company to operate smoothly and successfully in an industry that faces increasing scrutiny. I appreciated that Greenbridge paid close attention to my goals and effectively followed up with all parties involved to keep the project on track.

Ed Rosenthal — Principal, Quick Trading Company; Author; Master Gardener III, Quantum 9, Inc.: 

"Not only is it a pleasure to work with Khurshid, but his efforts are effective. He is helping to reach goals that have been elusive previously. I look forward to our continued association."

Kaiya Bercow — CEO and Co-Founder, Utopia Farms: 

"Greenbridge’s counsel has been instrumental to our growth over the last year.  It has been a pleasure to work with them and we strongly recommend the firm to other cannabis companies. Prompt communication, a diverse team capable of taking on any project and dedication to quality work describes Greenbridge.  The team is very thorough and I’m continually impressed with their ability to explain the details of a project or clarify a legal question in a simple yet informative manner."

Matthew Cohen — CEO, TRiQ, Inc; Co-Founder and Vice Chairman, Emerald Growers Association:

"Unlike so many other attorneys in the medical cannabis industry, Khurshid amazed me with his refreshing style, his vision, his balanced character and his understanding of our dynamic political, community and business needs.  After becoming General Counsel for MendoGrown, he facilitated our collaboration with the Humboldt Grower's Association to form the Emerald Growers Association--which now represents farmers throughout our entire bio-region.  I am impressed with Khurshid's thoughtfulnessintegritywide legal expertise and over-all passion for a socially and environmentally conscious medical cannabis industry." 

Eliza Michiels — former Business Development Manager at Vestas-American Wind Technology:

During my time at Vestas, I worked frequently with Khurshid [Khoja] for several years — drafting, negotiating and successfully closing over a dozen equipment service and warranty contracts for wind energy projects throughout the US and Canada.  These contracts involved complicated legal, commercial and technical provisions, including complex multi-year service and warranty obligations, complicated intellectual property license and infringement provisions, carefully crafted limitations on liability and liquidated damage provisions, and service fees worth tens of millions of dollars of revenue to my company.

As a businesswoman leading deal teams composed of engineers, accountants, risk managers, lawyers and other professionals, I really appreciated his careful coordination, analysis and translation of critical technical, commercial and financial deal points into clear and concise contract language.  His personal rapport with both our in-house team and our customers made it an added pleasure to work with him.  Though serving as  outside counsel, he evidenced a solid understanding of my company’s overall goals and risk appetite on each deal. He consistently provided expertly tailored legal services in very complex and dynamic market settings.”